Heartbreaker (2010)

1. Yet another Dirty Dancing reference (or, how that scene in Dirty Dancing is the perfect tool to bring out a sexually-charged moment in romantic comedies)

2. It’s a romantic comedy, so you know what happens in the end. But I like how bit by bit something is added to what goes on between the characters. It’s not really about being surprised by these elements, it’s about being satisfied with how they end up. It’s never too complicated ala-Inception but it’s never too mababaw that you’re just waiting for them to kiss just before the credits roll.

3. It’s simple and sweet and benta. A Hollywood-style film. I was about to say that I hope this gets remade into a Hollywood film but then I again I realized it shouldn’t.

I might be on to a Valentine’s day-themed spate of movie-watching. LOL


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