Postcards from Malaysia – Day 3

On our third day we spent an easy Sunday morning at Perdana’s Lake Gardens. Sprawling  acres of nothing but trees, birds, ponds, and flowers all around. We were right at home.
Sampling the buffet at the edible garden.
“Squirrel! Quick!”
Ran out of clothes, wearing Ranie’s polo shirt as a blouse.
The National Planetarium.
Outfit for our train ride to Singapore

I think Ranie wanted to take me to about three more places, but because I’m such a loser I begged for something nearer and more laid-back, so we just roamed around this beautiful big garden. We arrived there early (9am – that’s early!) so we had the whole place to ourselves (almost) for a while… still made me happy.  We also saw the planetarium and the national museum. Then in the afternoon I got this serious migraine (period pains suck), so we just stayed at home – but not before I shopped for (more) pasalubong at Petaling Jaya (I think).

Then in the evening we took the bus to SG! The TBS station is really big and nice. All I kept saying to Ranie was “if we had bus stations like these back home, more people would want to travel locally.” IDK I’m suddenly thinking of abandoning all my maarte plans and running for legislator – wait I think Ranie wanted to do that. Um.

We ate at the KFC there (tipid mode, exchanged all our monies for SG dollars already). 1) Our KFC chicken is better 2) But the potato wedges were awesome (I write down these things and I get pangs of hunger. Pft).

Waiting for the midnight bus! Timer-set camera on top of my luggage! Hehe.
So I posted this on facebook and everyone was like “uy matching outfits!” I didn’t even realize! But hey, I was the one who brought pre-packed clothes. What is happening with my “to build rapport” (inside joke) tshirt-wearing boyfriend? I come here and he suddenly has colored pants in his wardrobe. Haha.

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