Postcards from Malaysia: Day 2

Started the day bright and early with a bus ride going to Melaka/Malacca. Cloud trance all throughout.

Arrived around Lunchtime. Gong Xi Fa Cai decors dominated the streets, of course!

We had lunch at the oldest building on the Sino-Chinese wing of the Heritage area.

My meal: sticky rice balls and hainanese-style chicken. With a bowl of creamy cendol (it’s like Halo-halo) for dessert. Ranie had eel, souped up. Pretty good. Super, even. I’m starting at these rice balls now and wondering where I can find these here in Manila…

Observing the rituals inside a Buddhist temple.

Then we crossed over to the bridge and reached the 24 or so museums featuring dioramas and artifacts of Melaka’s Portuguese heritage. We only got to explore about three of them because by 5pm, my legs were giving out on me.

The big water wheel by the river

Tourist-trap Becas, but they’re OK as rawr-face backdrop.

A police station. Why do gov’t buildings look wonderfully stuck in a time warp here?

Don’t tell my mom and officemates, but we found yummy donuts with witty names in one of the malls (John Lemon, anyone?). I find them like a K9 dog sniffs out bombs ^_^
Melaka, in Ranie’s words, is like the Vigan of our country – a city of streets and facades that remain as testaments of Malaysia’s colonial and trading history. If it weren’t so far from KL, I would’ve loved to stay longer. Here was also where I found my favorite buys, such as little wooden trinkets for my bedroom wall and tiny instruments for my brothers.

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