Postcards from Malaysia – Part 1

Travelling alone, like a big girl.
What greeted me at the arrival area. Best in simple but benta gestures. 🙂

Our very first stop: Batu Caves, relatively near where Ranie stays now.

Visiting card weather.

Pausing for breath in the middle of climbing what I’m sure is more than a hundred-feet set of stairs.

A big, yawning cave with many temples inside.

When you look up and see this, you’d feel like thanking a Creator too – whatever your faith.

Took the train to KLCC to meet up with a fellow vacationing couple: Cameron and our college batchmate Rachel.

Obligatory shot with the Petronas Towers. Pretty amazing to have to stretch your neck so far back to take in their glory. Also saw them lit up at night the following day.

The Sultan Abdul Samad building with a backdrop of decidedly more modern commercial towers.

We went to the Central Market where all the accessories, batik, and carved oddities one could ever want are found. But there were hip, art-inspired stores too.

Evening coffee and dessert while perusing Malay fashion magazines at a coffeehouse. And coming up with some “art.”
So that was my day 1 in a few snaps. My general first impression of KL is that the modern and the traditional just seems to mix naturally (oriental identity crisis similar to our country’s predicament). And the train system is so convenient. And most of the people we met are polite and friendly. It was a sun-filled four days of walking around and taking in as much sights (and pasalubong-buying on my end) as possible. It actually felt just like a relaxed weekend back home – of course that’s probably mostly because of who I was with.

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