Like An Old Movie

Thrifted lace dress | Primadonna boots | Hat from Los Banos
A closer look at one of the sets we shot months ago in Batangas, for an old assignment. When I picked out this dress at a thrift store, I found it too frilly for my taste but it seemed to be of really great quality, so I though, what the heck, I’ll sell it. But now I’m changing my mind because I’ve been looking at a lot of asian/gyaru/Liz Lisa photos… I don’t know why either. Actually it’s because I was reading Malaysian fashion blogs for a while. Don’t worry I won’t be “transforming” – it’s just an idea project.
It’s been four days since I got back home from KL and Singapore, and I have had no rest or decent sleep yet, as it’s been school and work in full force (but I’m not complaining, I’m so thankful for everything that happened this week). I’ve posted a lot of pictures on facebook (drag and drop) but blog posts will have to wait – I’ll be indulging in rest and planning / me time today. See you in my weekend posts!


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