Dots, Picasso, Skylines, Oddities, Books, and a Lot of Pink

I’m surfacing for air now as I give you this series of accumulated outfits over the past two weeks! I was on blog-fast (as is an annual tradition) and also up to my neck with stuff (in my lame attempt to dismiss everything as trivial – far from it). I’m ending my stint with the best show on earth (huhu but I need to commit the remaining months to school and my plans – anyway, there’s still web and I’m just believing that things will work out) – someday I’ll come around to sharing all the BTS photos that Kevin has painstakingly taken to shooting all season. Midterm projects and papers happening! All at once! Last night I slept it off – ended up working faster today. Such is the state of my Saturday. Some moments the despair gets to me pretty bad. But two things run across me head 1) Excellence is an act of worship 2) There is no situation that God cannot make possible or insanely wonderful. You just have to trust him to take care of everything!
Only five more days of panicking / getting everything splendidly done – and then I’m off the KL! Cannot. Wait.

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