The University of the Philippines Cineastes’ Studio and the Society of Filipino Archivist for Film present


This year’s theme: CINEMA NOSTALGIA: Icons Reimagined and Recollected

Cinema, as a cultural product, works as a constellation of meaningful signs and intricate systems of value. Icons – ‘the iconic’ – are constructed through this system in our memory through the process of signification, the production of different meanings. How are these icons – the gestures, dialogues, phrases, overly prominent moles, these nuances – become ‘the iconic’?

We invite you to deconstruct and investigate ‘the iconic’ in Philippine Cinema – a particular film, a scene, a director, an aesthetic, or an actor. And in so doing may it produce visible constructions and realizations that make these icons of Philippine Cinema be genuinely dubbed and branded ‘the iconic’.


SHOOT a 3 to 5-minute silent video which reflects your re/interpretation of the “ICONIC” in Philippine Cinema – may it be a film, a scene, a director, an aesthetic or an actor/actress.

Finalists’ works get to be part of a public exhibition, and scored by a musical act on the night of the awarding ceremonies! Exciting prizes await this years winners!

JOIN NOW! Visit http://www.facebook.com/HauteAuteur for more details. 


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