Christmas Day

No use pretending that I’m doing something else today hehehe, so here goes – second post for the day. Now I have no excuse to finish scripts, watch Asiong Salonga, get a mani-pedi, clean out my room for 2012 (wait should the mani-pedi go last), change my life, change my perspective, resolve to save more money ad infinitum.
Umm I was saying…
Christmas Day was just spent trying to get home. For the past 3 years, our 12.25’s always been marked by a major road fail. (New car… come to me. Have to make this my serious claim for 2012). But despite that harrowing note, I’m thankful that it wasn’t a serious accident, that prior to that I was with my family, and that it was a good downtime for everyone to come together, eat, relax, celebrate, and be thankful for the Lord’s gift of life. After posting my maarte photos on Christmas eve comes shots of my relaxed get-up!
What I wore on the 25th itself – ‘scuse the puyat look – well it was Christmas Eve the night before haha! yes, the same pants I wore the night before, and a cute red top which I also just received a few hours prior to this shot (I liked it that much). Why am I regaling you with anecdotes of my disgusting side?
When you make successive shopping trips for Christmas gifts it’s kind of inevitable to buy little things for yourself as well. Hmm so much for having a “budget.” But these were too cute to ignore and quite a steal. My sister and I spotted them inside that mall in Quezon Ave after our Lazer Tag date with our brothers and cousins the other day. In fact we loved it so much that we got identical pairs for each other and for our two gurl pinsans as well. Haha.
Chain link and rubber bracelet from my little cousins. So sweet.
Another one of my budget-ruining “little gifts for myself:” that camera case I featured in my acquisitive wish list. But what the hey, it’s put up with being inside a flimsy bright green plastic kikay kit for months now, it sure deserves this pogi upgrade.
Photos by my brother Paolo!


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