Telling Stories in Fragments and Guessing Games

Here: emergency outfit c/o my college buddy Val, meeting the super warm Marc Abaya and cute-as-pie The Bloom Brothers, oddly hypnotizing set designs, and my first-ever (gasp!) online purchase, which I’m excited to use, um, next year. I’m putting this on the queue just to have a personal reminder of my decisions re: certain things (this the “guessing games” part of this post) and out of sheer random anticipation of not being able to post anything decent in the coming days (looking forward to some downtime, celebrating and eating non-stop with my family and friends). God has been so, so, so good to me this year – He is the greatest! I can only dive headfirst and trust that this is still the right direction. Does still feel like that somewhat, anyhow.
I feel like making a huge thank you list, but I’ll save that for a later post. 🙂


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