games, cupcakes, tacos, etcetera!

Meet a super-partial assemblage of the Etcetera family:

Last night, the bosses threw together a little get-together for the production team. I only got to take verrry few photos because I was dismally late (2 hours in traffic! It is the season’s bane), but here are some of the decent ones. In Solar, I’m used to the wild, wasakan sort of Christmas celebrations, so this night, with its venue and all, was a different and altogether quite refreshing, lovely experience. Realizations: 1. Everyone gets pretty competitive, especially during rounds of Taboo and after a few punch glasses. 2. There’s nothing like a rehashing of a horrendous incident, 10x over, to transform it into something ridiculous and possibly legendary (wink). 3. Patti’s cupcakes (our host runs a business called Sweet Patti Cakes!) are heavennnn! ❤ (btw I’m so excited to use the Chocolate Fire GC that I got from our little exchange gift – thank you Patti! 4. And – I’m so thankful to be part of this awesome, fab group! Summer edition episode na ito!


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