Writer’s Block | by Yso Man

Photos by Yso Manloloyo

A few weeks back, my friend Yso took some photos and I smoked posed for her – and here is how it turned out. Full credits go to Yso’s stellar direction and photography skills, and patience with me as well hehe. The shoot was loosely based on a writer’s struggle to look for inspiration. It was raining and gloomy that day, so it suited the slightly dark inclinations of this set (save for the red skirt). Wore my own clothes and her friend Fefe Katindig did my hair and make-up – it’s so interesting. I don’t look like myself at all, which I love. It must be the Frieda-ish brows. Now if only I look like these whilst writing scripts – actually right now I’m in pajama shorts, Ranie’s old org shirt, glasses, and unbrushed hair. You get the picture. Thank you Yso for bringing me along in this!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block | by Yso Man

  1. wow! love the concept and the whole outfit:)

    Oh btw I'm hosting my first giveaway. So check out my blog and feel free to join. HAPPY HOLIDAYS:)



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