Acquisitive Lisztomania

Better late than never! I’ve been putting off creating a post like this because most of the items on my “real” wishlist (i.e. the things I’m praying for) might a) bore you out, b) turn you off c) are too private for a so-called kalandian blog. But a wishlist post is in order! 🙂 So I’m sharing now everything under the umbrella of my “happy material wants.” Making this collage cheered me up ♥. So here goes:
Sentimental Style’s Acquisitive Wish List:
Or, Hi Ranie! Hi Mama and Papa! 🙂 LOL
1. An iPad2 – utterly useful for work and production! And my bosses are all telling me “bagay sayo ito.” Hmm, sana bigyan nila ako! LOLJK. Lighter on the bag. Lovely to hold. Eco-friendly because I don’t have to add to the paper mountain of magazines that resemble a fire hazard in my room (I can just download them). Lovely to hold. Handy for saving and showing pegs. Great for blogging on the go. And did I mention lovely to hold?
2. A decent make-up kit – I chose a MAC collage because my love Veronica sells them online for super owwwzzzum deals via The Beauty Kit *click*! I make it no secret that I’m surviving right now on department store standbys… but I’m becoming increasingly required to look not just decent, but actually pleasant. So there. This wish also doubles as a personal goal for next year – to translate theory into practice in matters of maquillage. 🙂
3. Red Dr. Martens, Pascal booties from Finch, Yosi Samra ballet flats – Sturdy shoes, low-heeled boots, and flats I can tuck away in my bag for emergencies – all for practicality’s sake!
4. Alexander Wang’s Jane bag with nickel hardware – No explanations necessary. Probably should declare here too that if money were no object and I have fulfilled all my financial duties, I’d buy everything he’s made.
5. A brown leather case for my camera – ’cause its so kawawa inside that dorky make-up bag that I currently stuff it into. And sometimes I don’t even bring the case at all. Kawawa talaga. Hehe.
All the photos are not mine. Searched via Google Images.

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