Bonifacio Day

Spent the last day of November on the set of a commercial for a US wireless service. It was more fun than work, which is inevitable when you’re side-by-side with your college org mates. Opted in more for the experience rather than the compensation… we do it for the love, y’all.
I seriously need to cut back this December on commitments and put my head into surviving my first sem in grad school brilliantly (I decided to be on pseudo-undergrad mode because I had thought I’d be hardly doing anything work-related seeing as I had no “regular” job). But as I’m saying that about five different agendas are buzzing through my brain. I’ve been missing skype “dates” chronically and it’s not helping that I’m thinking of that right now, when it’s the weekend of our fourth anniversary. But I’ve already booked tickets for my KL trip next month. So things should be getting better henceforth. I don’t know why I’m trying to make it sound matter-of-fact. I’m just sleepy I guess. Tired but really thankful with how everything is going along so far. That’s it for now!


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