12011: Black and Movies

Can you believe that bag’s from SM? Its roominess and multiple compartments have made bringing scripts, readings, hard drives, and all my personal paraphernalia a joy (to my general spirits, and not to my shoulder muscles, mind you). Sometimes, it’s nice to literally “drown” in a sea of non-color and call it outfit coordination. Black is my comfort zone because it’s simple. 
This day was… interesting. I seriously spent the entirety of the morning and the afternoon just playing “audience:” to two films (Birth of a Nation from 1915 and My Paranormal Romance from the 2011 Cineoriginals Run), and a play (Umaaraw, Umuulan…), all for class requirements. In between these activities I managed to bump into an ex-professor, and ex-orgmate, and an ex-“kalaban” in debate. Surreal because these are people I never really expect to encounter post-college. In general, ang steady lang. My mind and my soul longs for more days of this kind: languid, cold, and quiet, but thought-provoking and good for incubating ideas and goals. Thank you Lord!
Even while I’m still floating on the fringes of this day, I’m already aware that I’ll still be up to my neck with busy-ness next week. So I’m making sure to savor and enjoy this break (which lasts until Friday only) to the hilt.

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