Until We Meet Again, Tin.

Hey, Tin, I’m posting an outfit post about what I wore when I, and the rest of our batch mates, visited you last night. I hope you don’t mind – wait, I know you won’t. Hehe. After all, we both did costumes for Rashomon because “fashion” was our thing.  You were always one of the best dressers in the crowd.
Trying out our Masago prototype. I’m thankful to have met you in your lifetime.
The result of sleepless Rashomon nights circa 2007:  me with eye bags, pimples, and flat hair, but Pretty Tin apparently unfazed and still gorgeous. Nag-bangs pa. 🙂

In the batch, you’ve also always stood out with your pretty face, enviable body and red lipstick. I’ve always vocally admired that about you. I’ll have to admit that I also thought of you as a “peg” of sorts – always smiling, always in a good mood. I wanted to have with Ranie what you Benji had – years and years of growing together in love. Actually I think I did tell you that at one point when were discussing these kinds of things some afternoons. So thank you for sharing your stories and “tips” with me.
Me, Jinee, and Tin – mga nagkakasundo sa pag-eeffort magdamit in laid-back UPLB 🙂
In the midst of the day to day concerns of deadlines and work-related irks, it’s hard to grasp the reality of a dear friend leaving the earth in such a sudden manner. That’s why until that very moment, it didn’t feel true. Tin, last night, when we all saw you, no one could say anything. It was unusual to see you so still, whereas whenever we’d run into you at the Hum steps, you’d always be breaking into a smile or a small scream. Right now it still feels a little surreal, a little hard to accept. Later on in this week, and in the coming months, we might forget about it and focus on our lives. But then there would be meet-ups, and reunions, and college-related occasions, and then we would remember again. It would become a cycle.
Tin, I’m praying for your family so that they can summon strength from God and be blessed despite your absence. I’m also praying for Benji in the hospital to be healed not just physically, but emotionally, especially after he finds out that you’re gone. Hopefully, wherever you are now, there’s red lipstick and internet, and you can read this. But if not, I’m sending it with my heart and dearly hoping it reaches you one way or another. So for now, good bye – until we meet again. 🙂

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