Puce, Anyone?

The Why’s first (because sometimes “huh” posts – or clothing items at that – need explanations):

1. It’s only 20 pesos. I was waiting for the prints of the photos I would be bringing to my class and I decided to visit the neighborhood ukay to pass the time.
2. It’s big, chiffon, blouse-y goodness – kind of what we all want lately. Except that this one’s in a decidedly tres mal hue. So it’s perfect, at least for me.
3. It can be casual or formal.
4. It’s for the sheer fun practicality of having something tangible to whip out the next time a straight guy asks yet again “what’s, ugh, puce supposed to look like?” (I know it’s hardly a common thing to be brought up in random or academic conversation but just it case it ever does happen and the end of the world depended on it, I’d be ready.)

My brother Paolo took these amazing shots within 10 minutes in our erstwhile 3rd-world farmville BTW, so forgive the strern “ate” face I’m pulling here. I’m also feeling practically gratuitous today so I’ll be posting nine instead of two shots. So here’s the How’s of yet another thrift store jackpot (and this is exactly why I will never shop-shop intentionally):
“migraine” pose.
this one makes me remember that commercial for toilet paper.
I will not argue with people if they say this color makes them think of fleas or dead, yucky things. Basta I love it now. And you have to admit I blended pretty well against my backdrops hehe.

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