11.11.11 – Smart HTC Beats Launch

Smart and HTC launched the super cool HTC Beats phones at Republiq. My pal Anna Mae was there for work and she brought I and Ranie along. You know the drill – I never go out for going out’s sake. It’s events like these where I get to party in clubs. Or an appropriation of that.
The phones come with their own Beats by Dr. Dre headset, multiple smart phone capabilities, chaka-proof touch screens, and HD video recording. Sweet.
Got there quite early, so lots of time to talk to and take pictures with famous people who don’t mind posing with random strangers. 🙂 I also mugged alongside the leggy Sanya but my fez there was so ngarag so I’m not posting that here. Heehee.
What I wore – thrifted supersheer dress. “Party Dressing” still somehow eludes me. I’ll get better I promise. These photos are from Anna Mae hehe.
We got there on time but the program started pretty late. That meant lots of shots and mix glasses while talking and waiting. But we felt cheated – no kick at all. Being from UPLB and then Solar has hardwired my liver, for better or for worse.
Smart and HTC’s executives discussed the new phones before the official “unveiling” – a little show of performers (musicians, dancers, DJs) rocking out with their HTC Beats. And then the two giant phones. And then everyone was free to dance and party away for the rest of the night!
I just knew I was gonna bump into Krissy there (who had stayed on longer and had quite a ball judging from her blog post!). She was with Dewi, whom I met at our Glam Camp a few months back. 🙂
We left earlyish  – It was the tail-end of a week of shoots and multiple writing deadlines and enrollment so I was supremely knocked out. Also we didn’t want to be stuck at 1am along C5 because I live in Marikina. So we left and had coffee at Eastwood before Ranie took me home.
Before that boy left, he took A LOT of shots of Christmas decorations and trees and mall displays all over the metro. He wanted to bring them along and show to his Malaysian officemates what Pinoy Christmas looks like. So my hard drive is FULL of shots like this one. Now – we get to talk and all everyday but it’s still different. But OK in a weird way because I feel affirmed that are claims our being given to us. We dream big, so there.

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