Blue Friday

hand me down pussy bow chiffon blouse | old shorts | SM belt | accessorize satchel | divi shoes
You might notice that I’ve been using this bag a LOT ever since I got it from the Accessorize bloggers’ event. That’s because I’m not exactly a bag person – I use my few bags to death. That’s why I’m filled with so much love for this satchel – it’s the perfect size to lug around to school and to work. It fits the small laptop (or a tablet – soon soon soon!). And it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty snazzy. Thank you Accessorize!
So – one of my favorite looks of the moment: tucking anything into these shorts. The yellow shoes are already starting to fall apart from much abuse from my end. Tragic as far as shoes go; I’ve only had them for two years and I can’t find lookalikes anymore. 😦 Help?
Went for a put-together look for a Friday meeting somewhere in McKinley Hill. The gist: more busy-ness until the year ends! I’m excited and terrified all at once, but I’m learning to curb my complaining. Work, and the provision it provides, is always a blessing. I believe that He wouldn’t bestow us with anything we cannot handle… so I’m claiming strength and guidance to do everything I need to do. So yes lang ng yes! At the very least, having school and work to focus on leaves me with little time to miss Ranie… almost. Awiwiwiw.
It’s not so obvious here, but I got my hair colored a while back. It’s a little red and most of the color washed out within the week (boo) – that’s what I get for being kuripot. Haha.

4 thoughts on “Blue Friday

  1. I love those shoes of yours, too! I have tons of bags, but I have biases. 🙂

    Anyway, nice to know that you're very much happy with where you are now. You're so lucky! And wow, nag-aaral ka na ulit? Wheeere? What are you taking up? 🙂


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