Behind The Scenes: Etcetera

I hope you guys have been tuning into Etcetera – ETC’s capsules for the stylish youth! I just recently re-joined the production team, and the itty-bitty but super-packed show has been airing for some time now, so I think I can share with your these photos during the photo shoot for promo materials. Hope you like ’em.
Our PD did a wonderful job on the set design. It’s so ETC – young, quirky, and colorful.
Business of the day: to interview Miss Jones and Sweet Patti Cakes
The stlylist’s arsenal – a buffet for the fashionably hungry!
Money shot! I used my camera’s “miniature setting” and got this high-saturated, graduated tint effect 🙂
Because I miss Vero so much!
Kevin (the guy in blue, leftmost) just almost knocked over the set post before K took this shot. Panic!
The people I work with. It’s impossible to say no for long to these guys – hardworking, disciplined, attentive to detail, spot-on, and so creative. I’m going back to school for my own reasons but I’m still also learning so much from my bosses (and of course, our DP, stylists, make-up artist, and PDs too) and that’s why I’m here. I’m blogging about them because I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to work with them!
So that’s my set-up now: I go to school, I write for web and many other things, and I’ll be helping out with producing some segments for Etcetera. So far, so good. Thank You, God!


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