Tarsius’ debut album Primate is out now from Number Line Records! Did I mention that it’s free? Heck yes.

Primate is the debut album from laptop and drums duo Tarsius, comprised of wunderkind Diego Mapa (Pedicab, The Diegos, among others) and Jay Gapasin (The Radioactive Sago Project). Combining samples, electronic tracks, live drum tracks, as well as vocals from several collaborators, Primate is an eclectic collection that moves from dance-floor fillers such as “Deathless Gods,” to drum-and-bass throwbacks like “Chosen Few,” to darker, more contemplative efforts such as “Whirling Dervish.” Mapa’s and Gapasin’s broad interest in electronic music is apparent throughout Primate, as is their belief in the “no rules, no thinking” philosophy of major influences such as Daedelus. On Primate, Mapa and Gapasin extend the project further by collaborating with artists such as Slow Hello, Archaster, Evil Scientists, Caliph8 and Malek Lopez.

Primate is available as a free download for a limited period. It will be released in vinyl in early 2012.


Do it. Now.

It’s so good. Thank you for sharing this, Regina!

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