100% Pinoy at The Global Pinoy Bazaar

EDIT: Before I share with you this next post, I need a little help from you (just in case you’re a real person reading this blog in which case I love you and am sending you a little prayer of blessing right now hehehehe). Do you know/have your heard of any Pinoy working in the tourism / hospitality industry in Singapore? We need to profile some people and I’d be very thankful if you can share with me any contacts. Leave a comment or email! πŸ™‚ Merci Beaucoup! Now on with the scheduled entry! πŸ™‚
Some snaps from the Global Pinoy Bazaar two weeks ago! Dragged my sister and brother out of the house despite the rainy afternoon. All for supporting this 100% Pinoy event! It ended up being a bonding/pigging out afternoon for us three (our youngest brother stayed home and worked on his abs or something like that hehe).
Rainy day = cab ride
Saw familiar faces as soon as I arrived: Nikki and Geri of Yabang Pinoy! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the gift!
The colorful ceiling
The amazing Ana was there manning her booth for Anagon Accessories! I also saw pretty Megann but my brother didn’t get to take our photo (*sad face*). The YB People did snap us, though. Hope I find it! πŸ™‚
Colorful things from Anagon Collection!
These ultra-chic headphones from Timbre were not on sale yet (they’re coming out next month). The ones on display are designed by Team Manila. Galing! Gusto ko. I’m putting this on my wishlist!
There were so many hand-made accessories! It was hard to fight the impulse to buy everything. I loved these baked skull necklaces – who said that skulls are creepy and morbid?
These little monsters are actually notepads – you could have nothing but creative thoughts if you’d bring around one of these.
After checking out all the booths, we decided to go in for a late lunch-cum-merienda at Power Plant next.
We had cheesesteak sandwiches β™₯ Ahlee’s treat! Galante! πŸ™‚
Siyempre, outfit photos c/o Bolle. I tried my best-est to wear 100% Pinoy of course! But because of the weather I had to wear a cover-up and waterproof shoes.
On what I wore: I normally veer away from form-fitting or “sexy” silhouettes, but I super liked what I wore today and felt really comfortable in it. I know that it’s safe and cookie-cutter compared to other bloggers’ outfits but what the hey, baby steps. πŸ™‚ Another thing worth mentioning: everything single thing I wore that day was a signature “Krista” piece, abused and worn to death; only it’s the first time I’ve put everything together. Who knew? (And OK this is too much rumination for an outfit so apologies, but I’m in a makuwento mood so here you go)
1. The vest is from plus minus time divide (it says + – x / on the label) – the HK clothing brand. I thrifted it way back in my college years and wore it on an almost-weekly basis during my senior year. Ask all the Comm Arts people! πŸ™‚
2. The top is Baleno, from SM. Another trademark college piece – cheap sandos in all colors.
3. The skirt is from a nameless stall I often stop at in Sta. Lucia Mall (!). Every so often I’d go there and they’d always have a version of the latest “it” skirt or top – usually priced at less than 200php. I once chatted up the tindera and she says her employer is a girl who gets everything sewn by a mananahi, hence the few pieces. I’ve always considered it my secret shopping place… well it’s not so secret now. πŸ™‚
4. The bag is from Zamboanga.
5. The necklace is Ranie’s pasalubong from Cebu last summer.
6. The wedges are from that store whose name has two primary numbers at the end. πŸ™‚
Went back one last go – and finally found Nica of Punchdrunk Panda! They were at the very entrance of the tents pala. πŸ™‚ Nica, don’t forget our “arrangement” haha
One last outfit shot while waiting for our cab ride home. Now carrying a leche flan cake from the Bakers Dozen. We also stopped for coffee because Ahlee now needs those little coffee-shaped stickers.
The Global Pinoy Bazaar was successful in showcasing the amazing creativity of Pinoy entrepreneurs, designers, and creatives – every product sold and displayed was definitely original and world-class. It’s high time we all started buying more Pinoy. Talagang maipagyayabang sa ganda ng gawa at kalidad!

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