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So I figured lumping together some posts is the best way to catch up on my “everyday” outfits and to leave ample scheduling space for the “bigger” posts. Here goes!

Genevieve Gozum cardigan | Mango lace top | gifted fringe necklace | Pambahay shorts | Divisoria cutout shoes

As girly as I could possibly get (and it’s not even that girly). Afternoon meet-up with some girlfriends then headed out to a night out with my not-quite-ex-officemates!
Oxygen tank | gifted scarf
Umm… because that bag’s Ranie’s pasalubong from Thailand! He just flew back in on this day. It has elephants on it. I should shoot it up close soon. Well anyway I’m sure I’ll be abusing it on class days.
SM tank and belt | Zara (men’s) pants
I had a work meeting on a Friday night, o ha! 🙂 Cramming as much raket as I can before November rolls in properly. It’s rather surreal to be working again with Val and Steph but I’m pretty excited. Say hi to my post-Sbarro and Happy Lemon tactics disguising as a “blogger pose.”
 Oooold thrifted lace top
I had no particular agenda for the day when I headed out to meet my waiting-for-his-visa boyfriend, hence this. I don’t know why I can’t let go of this top – it’s one of those things that don’t really fit into my everyday style but which I somehow can’t let go of, so every now and then when I spy it I try to make it work. But meh, it’s starting to feel too “young” for me, or I don’t know. Watcha think? I think the real reason why I’m still not giving this up is because Ranie mentioned once or twice or thrice that he likes it. So yeah, keep it I will I guess.

One thought on “recent outfits | casuals

  1. Hi Krista! Nice catching up with your blog! I missed a lot. Glad I'm back! Enjoyed all the photos. And I'm linking your blog as soon as I get my hands on fixing mine. 🙂


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