It’s A Bag Party!

Bloggers United and Accessorize rounded up some bloggers for a fun afternoon of food, laughs, and BAGS. I’m superduper thankful to Melai and BU for inviting me! It was held at Persia Grill, SM North Edsa.
Here come the bloggers! As I was walking through Skygarden I turned a corner and saw a gaggle of pretty, well-dressed ladies. I knew this was the venue right off the bat.
Since Accessorize is a UK brand, Union Jack desserts were served upfront. I posted this photo on Tumblr and it got 111 notes. Figures – cupcakes are the key.
Table-mates Helga and Krissy. They have similar haircuts but their styles couldn’t be more different. And that’s what makes these bloggers so inspiring to follow.
The Bloggers United supergirls, Ana and Melai.
These Accessorize items were on a table behind me. Wonder what they are gonna be for?
One of the bloggers’ eye-catching shoes!
My pretty seatmate Kira found this sticker under her seat and won a prize.
I won a prize in one of the games too!
Oh, this bag pile – I spied the brown satchel at once. When we were asked to grab the bag we coveted (all together! Imagine the chaos!), I thought it would be picked up at once – but no one was grabbing it, so I did. 🙂 Whee!
Then we were asked to style ourselves using stuff from Accessorize!
Here are my pretty teammates!
Here’s Sarah and Angel. It was a riot when the bloggers started doing that whole impromptu runway thing.
This is Melai’s “debutante” shot hehe. 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t get everyone’s names. I’m so dyahe to flex my PR muscles, at the wrong moments! Please comment back if you ever stumble across my space!
With Accessorize’s Brand and Marketing officers.
Our table! Persia grill served up a sumptuous buffet – there was kebaaaab – but I sat it out because I went straight to a dinner with Ranie and his officemates afterwards.
Persia Grill’s interiors as the evening settled in.
So… I saved my bag shots for last 🙂 Here’s what I got! the funky, retro Brooke satchel. I can’t wait to use it all the time 🙂 + cute new stickers too! Sweet.
I never really thought that I’d ever find myself attending these special blogger events. I’ve been maintaining this blog since 2008 and no one’s been paying attention to me before (except for my friends and orgmates and curious relatives sometimes) and I’ve been quite happy with that. So I’m extra thankful and awed to have an opportunity like this. Thank you again Accessorize and Bloggers United! God, I’m claiming more! Hehe.
I’ll be posting what I wore and more photos of me toting around this satchel next time. Especially because Accessorize has a contest for it! Oh well, this is a challenge to level up my dressing skills. Did I hear someone say back to school outfit?
If you wanna see more photos (or grab them, go ahead, just link me back!) HERE’S MY ALBUM ON FACEBOOK. (Oh yeah, it’s a page and it has a like button. Oh you already clicked like? I LOVE YOU hehe).


2 thoughts on “It’s A Bag Party!

  1. Hi Krista, it was great to meet you! Hope to see you in more events 🙂

    BTW can you change the link to my name to I don't use that Tumblr link na kasi heehee thanks! ♥


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