Get Vamped 10.26

hand-me-down red skirt and turban | Parisian sandals
Our marketing team outdid themselves once again! Got Vamped at Club Vogue last week – in a manang dress and a race-flag turban no less. 🙂 There’s even this amazing (and incriminating) photo of me with smoke involved – so apropos for all the Halloween/Undas creepy vibes. If I may contribute to all your long-weekend internet trawling, I posted an entire album on my facebook page (which I created for the primary purpose of having a public photo dump). I even have a picture of Derek Ramsay if you can spot it haha.
So yes, I’m missing out on sementeryo duties and indulging in some down-time instead… which translates to mass scheduling of blog posts. Basically, I’m on my way to impressing upon people what a taga-sa-bato dresser I am. And as I’m thinking of what I should say next I glanced upon my task list and realized that I do have a couple of pending work tasks after all, so I guess, that’s it for now! 🙂
OK I remembered what I needed to say: I’m thinking of announcing the winners of my Global Pinoy Bazaar early so they can really make time for it. November 2 instead of November 4, yeap? So if you haven’t got your passes yet, you’ve got a seriously high chance on my version of the promo. So join join join! 🙂 (click the logo on my sidebar)

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