All About Bags!

Read my blog post about the event HERE
View/grab the photos I took HERE (just make sure to link this blog back!)
Good morning world! Happy Halloween (and happy two days of no work)! And – here’s a veritable TREAT for all Accessorize fans and bag lovers!

This month, Accessorize opens its treasure chest to reveal an exquisite collection of bags in a thanksgiving sale from October 31 to November 30, 2011.

All Bout Bags features season collection bags at 50% discount and it includes some new arrivals that will go back to regular price after the sale period. This is the Accessorize way of showing appreciation to all its loyal fans for the past three years since Accessorize first opened its doors to the Philippine market.

All About Bags is the first of an annual bag sale that will commemorate the love between Accessorize and its customers. With a wide range offering of collection bags that go from day bags of urban vintage heritage and Japanesque inspired pieces to evening bags of gold and patent perfect colors with geometric prints, and satchels in tooled leathers with exaggerated fringing, all capturing the top trends and colours of the season.

Choose from any of the four enticing new collection bags, with a dash of ladylike 70s love, a cultural spin on the urban military look, a meeting of urban with vintage and an illustrative range of Japanesque inspired products, all at 50% discount, because this month and same month next year, November in Accessorize is All About Bags.

Check out the beautiful omnomnomnom bags that this hip UK brand will be putting on a major sale. I love the studded evening clutches. It’s a bag party all month long!

So yesterday, Accessorize announced this amazing month-long sale to some bloggers at an event called, well, All About Bags 🙂 I was invited by Melai of Bloggers United – thank you so much! I didn’t event know that Accessorize was having a call-out for bloggers, so it still feels surreal to be invited (but I’m really, really, really, REALLY thankful! whee! my morning coffee is kicking in as I type this, hence all the exclamation points. Whee!).

I had so much fun last afternoon and I’ll be posting more pictures and telling more about the event on this space soon! (just making time for this quick post since it’s an announcement). But one thing’s for certain – I’ll be rocking my new funky satchel from Accessorize often on my future posts! 🙂 Whee! Thank you accessorize and Bloggers United!

A word of advice: better make a list of the shops and bazaars that you’ll be sticking to so you don’t go overboard with Holiday shopping. It can be a very long list (hehe) but make sure that it’s a finite one and just stick to it! And just make sure as well to include the ff: Accessorize, The Bloggers United Bazaar, and the Global Pinoy Bazaar – I’m STILL giving passes away! :))

CLICK HERE to see the photos I took yesterday 🙂


5 thoughts on “All About Bags!

  1. Hey Krista! I super love Accessorize! 🙂 Glad you got to go. I was supposed to as well, but I found out about it too late. I was still in the province and coming back wouldn't get me in Manila in time still. 😦

    See you on Saturday for the Global Pinoy Bazaar, yes? 🙂

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY


  2. @Megann it was providential that my family didn't schedule a cemetery trip that day. Yes SEE YOU! 🙂 Sana ma-invite pa tayo to more events *wishwishwish* 🙂

    @Melai Yep I can't wait to blog about this! 🙂 Thank you so much inviting us (it still feels unbelievable). Kaloka at ang saya!


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