For What It’s Worth

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DSC_5989DSC_5986DSC_5983Shirt and skirt from bazaars | Ilocos handwoven scarf from and handmade wood necklace from Ranie | bag from Zamboanga | Parisian sandals | Photos by my brother hence the nice quality 🙂
Sharing what I wore last week for errands. Had my photo taken for an SSS ID, paid my insurance bill, dropped Ranie’s camera off for servicing. I would have to wait SEVEN months for the ID to be mailed. Whattup government. :-/
Now that I’m writing about this, I’m realizing that my choice of accessories seems a bit similar to the Primitive Revival challenge that Aivan has been posing to other bloggers! (Collective ‘fashion’ consciousness ala Jung?) Later that week during my daily online trawling I saw how Aisa, Ava, and Paul among others (i.e. bloggers that inspire me!) did it – and I was blown away with how they made artisan garments pretty, casual, avant-garde, what-have-you – depending on their personal style.
But although I’m all for championing local creations too (of course! Yabang Pinoy! Hehe) I’ll have to admit that my reasons for wearing my own “primitive” accessories that day were really quite sentimental. Yes, the whole “I’ll wrap myself up in the scarf you gave me so I won’t feel so alone” drama. But not that dramatic OK. Hehe. I also have the habit of bringing I scarf when I wear short skirts because I commute – instant cover up on my legs so I don’t end up like this.
If you feel like joining me in my constant nostalgic bouts – I first posted about this scarf here and the necklace here. 🙂
If you want to stock up on amazing all-pinoy accessories or outfits, you better head out to the Global Pinoy Bazaar happening on November 5-6 at the Rockwell Tent! I’m giving away free passes – just click on the “giveaway” link under Categories in my sidebar. ♥

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