Folded and Hung graffiti-print tee | Tiangge high-waisted shorts | thrifted modal jacket 

I owe an explanation for the title: the second photo kind of makes me look like an amputee (no offense). Also, trying to remedy the ugly-closet backdrop situation through “abstraction.” Hence the hipster typography. This is what happens when there’s no boyfriend to take photos (sad face) and your brothers are too busy playing DoTA when you arrive home. I hope what I put together is still appreciable – dark and short and not much else. My shorts are noticeably missing buttons too. I like my shorts deconstructed. Not. I’m just lazy. :-/

Tonight I was in the company of Kat and her sister KC – girls who are beautiful in and out. 🙂 One word to sum up the evening: energizing. It’s amazing what encouraging words and affirmations of faith can do to your psyche!
I have other things to share (clue: art, more food, and of course chaka room shots of my sartorial kalokohans galore) saved in the drafts but they can wait. I guess the only important thing I do have to tell you right now is that I’ve been officially made into a Yabang Pinoy partner blogger! 🙂 Yehey! 🙂 Now I really can’t wait for the bazaar! Stay tuned because I’m duty-bound to write some more about that (especially the free passes!), but for now read my past two posts about Yabang Pinoy and the Global Pinoy Bazaar here and here. Now if only I could get PFW tickets from kind angels to complete my blog wishlist (oops shameless parinig haha)! But really – I’m thankful to finally be given the chance to share an event with other people. 
And to end this post, I’m dedicating a paragraph for Steve Jobs. I’ve never been an apple user (save for an isolated Saturday involving FinalCut months ago), but I’ve been indirectly touched by his legacy through other users, so I’m a secondhand witness to the genius of his vision. It’s a mark of how great a man has lived his life when there are no evil puns of him on the intarwebs – just mourning.

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