Today – I had a “blank” afternoon after the exam. And apparently when I’m left to my own devices I walk into private buildings without advanced notice.

The Light and Space Contemporary Gallery in Fairview is my new house peg! Sir Jet (I hope I remembered his name right) must’ve been so weirded out that a stranger dropped by in the middle of the rainy afternoon wanting to see an exhibit… which ended LAST WEEK. Hahaha. The space is also their residence kasi and sure enough parang bahay talaga. But he was so kind and let me in (I guess I don’t look like a burglar *relief*) and even said I could tambay (siguro halatang halata na gandang-ganda ako sa place). Asian minimalist ang gig. And looots of light. If I had a space like this creativity and positivity would come easily too. Ohmmm.

But it’s really about the art of course (kahit officially closed na yung exhibit). staring at paintings – a Humanities thing I picked up in college (or, staring in general). Incubating colors and shapes for visuals for whatever I come up with next. Because I want to make stories about painters. (Actually I already did but iz zo sloppy). I’ll be sharing more and making a proper blog post about Light and Space and the *ended* exhibit over the weekend (among many other blog posts I need to put up) in the senti blog, but for now, I just want to record that days like today make me more inspired and determined to not give up where I want to go.

(After this I was supposed to wait for dear Penny for tea *haha* but I figured I couldn’t stay in Trinoma by myself until 9PM. I’ll make it up to you Pen!)

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