The Global Pinoy Bazaar + Sentimental Style Giveaway!

I attended the Yabang Pinoy blogger event last September 26, where I learned about the Global Pinoy Bazaar – an annual event that showcases Pinoy brands and products. It will be held on November 5 and 6 at the Rockwell Tents.

The bazaar has always been 100% Pinoy, and it puts to rest the prevailing notion of Pinoy products as “simply” being artisan souvenirs or hand-made knicknacks – among the bazaar participants there will be quite a few brands which are tailor-made for hip and trend-conscious people (i.e. us! LOL). This year’s bazaar is bigger and better, as there will be more entrepreneurs joining and therefore more products. So they’re expecting a bigger turn out from shoppers as well.

The bloggers got a sneak peek into the goodies that will be sold, and I’m already making a mental note to do my Christmas Shopping during the bazaar! Everything from statement shoes to notebooks to home accessories will be there. I’m sure you’d already be familiar with a lot of the brands, and will be loving the new ones. Really, why keep buying expensive imported things when we’ve got Pinoys coming up with products that are just as good – even better sometimes – but waaay cheaper?

Even if you’re not in the mood for Olympic-level shopping, the bazaar will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about YB, the pinoy brands, and to meet new people. Also, this year’s bazaar comes with a twist: there will be roving Fashion Pulis during the 2-day event!

YP’s Global Pinoy Bazaar aims to promote patronage of hometown kicks, so the Fashion Pulis will be on the lookout for bazaar attendees who are wearing Pinoy brands from head to toe. There are surprises in store for the people who will be spotted wearing 100% Pinoy, so make sure you’re wearing local when buying local (hehe)!

Now here’s the good part: we’ll make shopping and being spotted EASY. The bloggers received FREE PASSES (worth 100php each) to the Global Pinoy Bazaar. And here’s the better part: we are GIVING AWAY those free passes! (wow! giveaway nanaman! :D) Actually, our goal is to provide free access to your whole barangay for this event, hehe. 🙂 But why not? It’s 2 days of top-quality, HIP, reasonably-priced, PINOY merchandise assembled in one venue. Saves you from the hassle of Christmas shopping and coming up with the perfect gifts!

I’ll still be coming up with mechanics for this giveaway, so watch out for that. 🙂 but don’t porgets: the bazaar is happening on November 5-6 at the Rockwell Tent – we’ve got enough time to save up for homegrown goodies. It’s the perfect destination for Christmas shopping! If you want to know more about the Bazaar and Yabang Pinoy, visit their website now *click*!


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