Phototile: Zamba!

During the presentation at Yabang Pinoy’s blogger meet-up (which I will write about next!), one of the YP activities that really piqued my interest was Pinasport – as its name implies, it’s a vicarious, visual pass into some of the country’s most precious spots.

I’m an amateur travel addict with only a mild affliction of wanderlust – I haven’t been to that many places here and abroad but I’ve been trying my best-est to go out and explore during long weekends and vacations like summer and Christmas! YP inspired me to be more insistent on spreading the word about how beautiful Pilipinas is.. . so I’d like to retroshare* photos of my Zambales outing last summer (when I “left” this blog for rather silly reasons) – or maybe I just need sunny, summery photos to remind me of the inevitable cycle of things, and that things will turn out alright, inspite of everything. 🙂

(Click on the photo for larger view)
Hay, ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas!

*I made this up, it probably means the same thing as a “backlogged post” in other places


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