summer safari

Hied off to Los Banos over the weekend. Promptly enjoyed being back in the familiar heat, the verdant scenery, and the company of our resident debaters. Relished the magical ability of UPLB to make time stop and have me worry about nothing except discussing animal rights, feminist or otherwise (if it makes sense). Somehow felt so drained (i.e. I had a bum stomach, again) all afternoon. So just slacked off on some writing deliverables today. But I blogged. Figures. I think I need a strong stimulant like milk tea and a massage. On the other hand, I don’t. I muuuust quit doting on my cravings and save up what little I’m accumulating these days. K.

There was a theme during socials night, which was animal print. Hence the ill-fated decision to wear my (lone) animal-print piece of clothing. Otherwise, snapped apparel here are just pure, sensible weekend garb, which I’m happy to get right above all. The khakis borrowed from my sister’s closet – not planning to return it for a while until she asks for it, it’s so perfect for this season (evil wink). Also carried a large tote which has some serious jeje tendencies, but it’s from my mom (who rejected it because of said tendencies, bless her) and I’m loving the old-world map design to care too much.

Brief but sweet, and just in time. I’m thankful for the liberty that my life now allows. I know it might be short-lived, so I want to enjoy it, sensibly, while it lasts. But, hello, nine days to go, and I still don’t know, oh no, can’t time’s train pass a little more slow?

I’m still thinking of milk tea. Gah!


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