Crappy heavy editing because 3 years into chronicling my sartorial kalokohans, my room is still NOT the most photogenic of places (even if it’s the most convenient). Hope you like the colors anyways. 😀 If anything, it’s therapeutic to tweak photos so I guess at least one  Maslowninan level gets taken care of…  Hope it makes sense no matter how minute. And hope that… OK I won’t say things aloud anymore, they might get jinxed 😦
Basically: still inspired by the shoes and what we were watching (European films) that day with some friends. Trying a bit of minimal layering because I’m optimistic about the cold weather (it can only bring the best of news). And I don’t have new clothes and I might not have any for a while (I need to have money for *oops must not say aloud*). So just mixing and matching and trying to look appropriate.
In spite of myself I’ve managed to be “busy.” Funny. So yes, things are going swimmingly OK. Thank God! 🙂 But there’s one little BIG piece of news that I need before I can really relax and say “thisisit!” Sigh (just like a comic book). Sigh sigh sighhhh.

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