BRR. Earliest Elf Award.

THIS is probably the earliest “BRRR” post you’ll see on this side of the world. #crazy
If you’ll look closely you’ll see that I’m wearing a pajama top and shorts I put on around the house. I must be the laaammmest and most boring self-proclaimed outfit blogger around but I keep posting pictures anyway, eh? Ranie came over and we both got some work done, then that was over, then we spent about 30 minutes trying to drive away my anxiety over life and mounting problems in general, then we got bored, then it got dark, then – “let’s take flash shots.” (because he knows I have the mood swings of a five-year-old) then – “sayang naman, I’ll put something on!” Then some things hanging in my closet door, then the noisy “nostalgia” settings, then – ayan. There you go. Only while uploading did I realize how uncanny the red things vs. the green grass is already reminiscent of Christmas. And maybe I’m actually right on schedule, since here in the Philippines, you’d start hearing Christmas carols as soon as the calendar turns to the first “-ber” month. I’m sure you have. This year I’m not looking forward to pasko too much. 😦 But I think I’ll be wearing this combination out in real life (minus the pajama top) by then.

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