Somber weather (both in the world and in my heart) dressing since the month started. Learning quite a few lessons and resolving to be more conscientious, more sensible, more diligent… just more. Meanwhile, I must make the most of my time so I don’t go off shooting in an unpredictable direction and messing up all my carefully-laden goals. *whoopcheerdancepsychselfupmode*

I haven’t worn these pants for a while. A confused high-waisted chambray type that I got in an LB ukay for 50 pesos, 3 years ago. Useful for rainy-day errands as they dry pretty fast. Topman shirt, brogues from forever21 which give me pangs of guilt and delight simultaneously.
Birthday lunch for a Tita. Oxygen blouse, high-waisted pants that I wore as just shorts, felt heels from an Eastwood stall (the last time I wore it was ’09. OK I’m officially in a “bringing out old stuff” mood, probably because I’m on housebound/tipid mode!).

How the outfit transformed later that day. White shirt + layered chain necklaces and stubby bendy legzz… Almost waded through flood just to get home, fortunately my sensible boyfriend convinced me of the ill timing of my adventurous tendencies.

Show me what you’ve got, puddles! I’ll tap dance through all of you. Sus!

“Sneak peek” (hahahahaha) of what I’ll be posting next.

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