Images from Zara, Fashiongonerogue,

I easily lose enthusiasm at making elaborate mood boards, but here’s an appropriation of what I’d WANT to be looking like for the next couple of months. As usual: black, lots of slouchy things, mannish shapes, and “mono-blocking” (I term that came to me just now but which I might be subconsciously borrowing). Waterproof, relaxed, and subtly chic. With a dash of red for good measure.
I feel pretty pleased because I was productive (i.e. I did some work) today. I haaave to adjust my mindset that for now, my job really gets done mainly in front of a laptop. Hmmm. Decisions. Necessities vs. Convictions. Immediate needs vs. Long Term Happiness. Different forms of investments. This way or that way? I’m amiss. 😐 To be quite honest, it’s so hard to get “approval-mode” out of my system. I’m pretty definite about what I want and what steps I’ll be taking next… but I’m always being swayed by a nagging desire to suck up and please the people around me. Which is terrible!


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