September | So Far

stormy day: what if I go short again? Waiting, tea, horribly wet pants (T_T), book
Dinner with our baby girls/Puyat Club reunion: Dubious frog legs, matching boots, my new pucker salve (THIS ONE WORKS. yehey), and a sweet nightcap for fierce (aand single!) birthday girl Tin.
“Heavy” reading c/o Ranie squashing my poor September Teen Vogue. Haha. We are slowly migrating his collection into my house.

Anteroom Sessions by Punchdrunk Panda at Moonleaf. Ogle-worthy things from PdP, Holic, Junk Studio, and so on. Several music acts including Outerhope. Whee! Went with the BACAs. And who else to bump into than the inimitable Toxicdiscoboy (a.k.a the original Moonleaf diehards)! Grabe mukha akong fangirl. Hahaha.
Why did the BACA cross the road? To get to Cocina Juan and have a late dinner + maximum-level laughter c/o Caren. 
And that’s it. This week tipid + workworkwork mode na ako ulit. Promise!
Next post: outfits. Suuuuussss. 🙂

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