God’s Hand

Opened the devotional today to a very inspiring message, which has been on the back of my mind for quite a while. In all the recent turn of events, I have no one to thank but God – because I’m keenly aware, in my deepest moment of despair and self-doubt, that I prayed to Him, and offered everything, and just told Him that I’ll do whatever He will lead me to and I’ll accept it if it’s His Will for me. And after that everything felt much lighter. Decisions and actions came easier. And… I resigned, found a new arrangement, got to rest, and am now in the process of applying for my Master’s!

Yes, I actually made a reviewer of literary theories and their proponents for yesterday!
I know this kind of thinking puts other people off, but I stand by my account of how things have turned out. And if someday someone stumbles upon this (or maybe my own self when I get a new wave of “dark” moments  someday ahead of the future), I just want to tell you to try it because at the very least, it will make your mind and heart more peaceful. Aaaand He really listens. Aaaaand accepting that God’s Will is our priority makes is easier for us to commit good decisions, which eventually make us much, much happier!

Sometimes when I do a mental scope check I forget to leave markers, get affected by comparison and slight pangs of jealousy. I just need to constantly remember that I’m all right and am exactly where I need to be for the moment. I’m optimistic, hopeful, and excited for everything. 🙂
(So All this I say to myself because it’s another day of staying at home and finishing writing projects or wracking my brain re: what ELSE to do. But what ELSE do I really need to do anyway? Ahhhhh I wish my windfalls would arrive already so that I’d feel more stable or something!)

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