Hair Resolution!

I’m low maintenance gal on matters of beauty, especially about my hair. Save for the random home-dye job (the last one was over a year ago! yikes!) I have never done anything to it. Which is why I’m not always happy with it, I guess?

Anyway, my biggest issue with my hair is that it’s too limp – it’s naturally straight and always stays down. I’ve always wanted hair that has more volume and personality. But I’m also icky about putting too much chemicals in my hair. So what will I do?

If you’ve got a dilemma similar to mine, there’s something new that we can try: Keratin Complex. It’s a favorite among US TV stars and now it’s here in the Philippines!

Founded by renowned stylist, Peter Coppola, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy gives you the benefits of having beautiful hair, without damaging chemicals. It rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all kinds of hair with products specially formulated with 40% natural keratin, the protein that our hair is made up of.

The Keratin Complex treatment promises to make hair healthier, shinier, and younger-looking. For limp untreated hair like mine, that sounds great! It’s a more natural-looking and safer alternative to rebonding or relaxing.

It’s also perfect for people who have a lot of things done to their hair. Because it replenishes the keratin, it basically rebuilds hair and heals it from chemical damage. So that’s also good news for people who love color and their curls but hate the frizz and dryness.

The process takes about 2 hours in the salon but the effects will last for up to 5 months. Right after treatment, shampooing is discouraged for 72 hours but the results will be worth it! You can enjoy beautiful hair right at home without having to visit the salon every month!

If you want faster results, there’s also the Keratin Complex Express Blowout. It’s an offshoot of the original treatment with a shorter application time (1 hour) and effectiveness period (two months). The bright side: you can wash your hair overnight after treatment!

If you want to try the Keratin Complex Treatment, it’s already available in the following places:

  • Jing Monis Salon
  • Piandre Salons 
  • Toni and Guy Essensuals
  • Henri Calayag Salon
  • Louis Phillip Kee Salon
  • Philippe Salon
  • Alex Carbonell by Studio Fix
  • Studio 546
  • Emphasis Salon
  • Regine’s Salon
  • Profiles Salon
  • Indigo Salon
  • Justine Barbara Salon
  • Bridges Salon Cebu
  • Expose Salon in Cebu
  • Pink and Gold Salon in Davao
  • Select branches of David’s Salon

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