Everyone wants to tell, or to claim, the story of falling in love, by its most societal conventions.

I’m thinking of a love story again, but I don’t know how to begin writing it. I want it to be about the special interaction and “secret language” of a happy, destined couple, but I need to gain more new ideas before I can finish my “What if” sentence. What if the Language of Love where an academic subject that one has to pass or fail? What if being married means having to learn a certain code of words? What if finding “Love” means a journey towards a proverbial/literal yellow brick road where one has to unlock a certain door, talk to certain rabbi, and get blessed with a few spells and incantations and be allowed to speak in tongues of Love?

When one writes of love, one wants to tell the story of a man and a woman’s interaction, their language, their “reverie” – the impervious bubble that makes them see everything from a shiny, separated space; that makes them defensible against any rebut or severance. One wants to write of how it changes them, for good and for bad, of its possibilities, its endless effects, its ability to persist day after day and decade after decade. It is an archetype, an event as common as birth and death, and yet it’s something of which the manners of retelling have not been exhausted yet. It is something which will always be different for everyone, and despite all humankind’s supposed familiarity with it, when it occurs on a personal level, it astonishes: it opens up a new way of understanding things, it makes the person understand the meaning of something which he or she has never been aware of before.
On my mindset: when two people fall in love, they develop a shared language of their own, when they are successful in their endeavor to commit, to be productive, and to be each other’s companion, they can understand each other, confide, advise, forgive – all in a way that will be unique to their union. As humans always keenly aware of the limits of our physical mind, it is an achievement to be able to conquer another mind, to be able to understand it in a way as near-personal as being the other individual itself. This cognizanze – probably we discern it as the closest thing possible to divine understanding, which we must inherently seek (as we always have had since Adam and Eve’s dilemma). This under all the trappings of affection and romance. I guess love – and the willingness to surrender one’s mind-trappings to another person – is what can make this possible.
In spite of myself, lately, I find myself taking on a vaguely too-intellectual perspective on romance. 😐 Which is bad as I do intend to make a living by being a voice on pop culture – where love is discussed in a highly mushy and stereotypical nuance. But it might work to be different, yes? Let’s see. Just taking note so that my subconscious can begin working on that language of love plot. Harharhar.

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