Everything Passes By And We Stand Still

*EDIT* Update on the Zombadings tickets: I *might* be announcing who I’ll be giving it to tonight! Thank you to everyone who’s sent me emails and left comments on that post. I realize I hardly have mechanics or a “promo until” date – because I didn’t expect that people would actually bite into it! But thank you for those who did contact me! 🙂

trench and top, thrifted | beat-up boots, primadonna
Trippy shots taken two nights ago. I seem to be a perennial victim of Murphy’s Law. Whenever I venture out in slippers rain wrecks hell on the streets and I end up with dirty, sloshed-up feet and a very bad mood. So I’ve been deciding to wear boots this week (because it’s been pretty cloudy some mornings) and everything’s dry and dusty by night time. Figures.
After several days (a couple of weeks?) of being a little (well more than) bummed about the current state of things, I got some pretty good news yesterday: my backpay cheque and an exam schedule! I quit my busy (but very exciting) job as an Exec. Producer to apply for grad school and pursue my long-time passion for writing (and teaching hooopefully!). Meanwhile, I’ve taken on the web writing gig for the channel, which is actually pretty cool, but it leaves a lot of free time in between for now. That’s the explanation for the sudden influx of daily blog posts. 🙂 Never give up on your dreams, especially while you’re still young. It’s all so tentative, but I’m ready for whatever. I just needed to do it.
I don’t know where else to share this so I’ll just post it here! This is Zaya, my first ever 3 year old “student.” She’s so proud of her pink school bag and she wants to go to a real big school already! Actually, my plan was just to drop by the review center where I used to teach to hand my recommendation form (grad school application!) and catch up with my old employer. Zaya was coming in that day and Ma’am Luz asked me right there and then if I wanted to facilitate her very first lesson! My goodness, I didn’t have any idea what to do! So she arrived (soooo cute!) and we sat down with her crayons and tracing-books. First I got her to warm up by asking questions about herself, then we got down to identifying pictures, tracing some lines, and coloring more pictures. She’s so cute and so smart! She was very attentive and all smiles and did everything I made her do (although her lines were still a little crooked – we’ll just practice more!) I just wanted to hug hug hug her. Thank you Ma’am for making me Zaya’s first teacher! 🙂

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