It Takes Work To Be Worth It

A rushed rendition for tonight! For a change, my drawings instead of my fez.
Before I got into the preoccupation of doing “outfit posts,” blogging was really a very impulsive thing for me. Typical scenario goes as such: I have a window of free time, I plop down in front of the computer, and type away what I’m feeling for the day. I didn’t need much anything except for an internet connection and a hormone-laden adolescent spirit. 
But these days, blogging has evolved into a totally different thing: not just for me, but for everyone I follow who are passionately into it. Now it takes actual time and effort to take pictures, select them, and frame your personal life in such a way that it’s informative and entertaining for whoever you want to read it. I can even go as far as saying that sometimes, instead of blogging about what we do, we do something so we can blog about it (at the very least, posing for a nice photo, yes?). I love it of course – we’re now always seized with a crazy attentiveness to detail, and  compelled to be creative at almost all times. It’s an exhilarating approach to day-to-day drivel.  And for those who are really good at it, the rewards are worth it (monetizing, xdeals, sponsorships, being amabassadors for their favorite brand).
So – all that being out of my over-analyzing head, I’ll get to my point: these days, blogging really requires more than knowledge of basic html or a sentence that goes “here’s what happened…” In order to publish noteworthy posts, bloggers stand by an arsenal of tools to help them get that perfect photo and the story to go with it. And, since I’ve been deluding proclaiming myself to be a SentiMENTAL blogger since 2008, I’d like to share my own “Blogger Tool Kit” today! 🙂
1. Camera – of course, arguably the most important tool of all: to capture the outfit, the venue, the ice cream stain that gives said outfit “character.” I read somewhere that a great camera is the camera that’s available at the perfect moment… When I created my first blog post here, and for a good year after that, I took my outfit photos using my old Nokia 6300 (2MP!). It was great because I literally could snap anything anytime and anywhere. But of course I moved on from low-res sentimentality. My next camera was my trusty Canon Ixus 90. I recently got a Canon G12, which I’m very happy with: handy enough to fit inside my bag but takes better photos now. I’m not sure if I’d ever go the DSLR route as I’m no photography pro. But never say never!
2. Daily Planner – my top 2 tool is my standby not just for blogging but for my life in general. I’m basically useless without a semblance of a schedule! My planner keeps me on track re: the things I have to write, where I’m going, what my appointments are. Sometimes, I also sketch/write down ideas for outfits or what to buy next (so that I don’t go beyond budget :)) I also jot down: new places to visit which I read about, websites to visit, and contact info for projects.
3. Laptop – Well, for all the obvious reasons! My laptop stays at home, but it’s where all the “magic” happens. Heehee.
4. Editing Software – I rely on three editing platforms: Photoscape, Lightroom, and Photoshop. What I use depends on the time I have, the quality of the raw photos, and how much improvement is needed for them to be blog-worthy. I usually just edit lighting, contrast, and sharpness, but sometimes I use gradients to compensate for a crappy photo quality!
5. Flats/Slippers – These I consider as tools because I’m mainly a commuter (just like Anagon!). And unless I want to have lasting blisters, or ruin my shoes because of bad weather, I’d never cross streets or switch transportation in heels. And it’s not just vanity: I’m clumsy as hell, so it’s my way of saving face too (because is there anything more dyahe than tripping along, say, Ortigas?). So I just bring along my “proper shoes” in my bag. This reminds me that I really want a pair of Butterfly Twists – they’re so much easier to bring along!
6. Lip Balm – I have seriously dry lips, so I need lip balm all the time. Yucky pouts have ruined many a photo for me. 😦 My defaults are Ilog Maria’s 100 % Natural Lip Balm (from The Eco Store), Nivea’s Med Protection, and good old petroleum jelly. Cheapies but goodies.
7. “Him” – Objectification protests aside, R is my constant companion, so he takes about 90% of my photos here. And although he’s resistant to the cause, he’s actually a great shopping buddy too haha. I can rely on him for honest opinions as well.
8. My Mom – I’m including Mama here because I learned from her how to pay attention to dressing up. I also borrow a lot of things from her. I enjoy coming home at the end of the day and telling her how people reacted to what I wear (if they ever do!). Even if my Mom doesn’t read my blog much, she’s actually one of my biggest supporters!
9. My siblings – It’s my sister and brothers who bring me back to reality. I can count on them to throw an off-putting remark to knock some sense into my head! For example: on my long red skirt – “saang lamesa galing yan?” (what table did you get that from?). They indirectly remind me not to take all these too seriously – because at the end of the day, it’s really just dressing up – albeit I try to make it memorable as much as possible. 🙂
My proverbial tool kit helps keep my blog streamlined and directional. Of course, as I’m a writer by trade, I still often get my rambling urges, so I’ve been keeping a separate journal for all that. 
I’d love to know what your own blogger tool kit is! 🙂
An IFB project

On another note, I got some really good news today. Thank You Lord! Hopefully my “semi-bum” phase ends soon. I’m keen on  getting back on track re: my life goals. 🙂

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