BBQ Chicken!

Yesterday, Ranie and I had dinner at BBQ Chicken along Pearl Street in Ortigas. Fun trivia: BBQ stands not for “Barbeque”, but “Best of The Best Quality!” 🙂 It’s a franchise of a popular Korean chain, and this particular branch is being run by the father of one of Ranie’s students in his brief stint as an ESL tutor. Since Ranie’s leaving soon, Jake (the student) insisted that Ranie try the place ASAP 🙂

This is Jake. They don’t have a decent clear shot together because he keeps moving and knocking Ranie down playfully! He’s hyperactive but according to Ranie he’s very smart! He’s malambing, too. I think they do more harutan than learning during their sessions!

Apparently, this place is a hangout for Koreans in the Ortigas area. In fact, while we were having dinner there, we were the only Pinoys (aside from the waitresses and cooks)! But on that red wall on the right, there are photos of quite a few local celebrities who have already dined here.

Our “appetizer” was Col-pop Chicken. Literally, it’s Cola+Chicken Pops served movie house-style: in a cup with the drink at the bottom. Pretty good. Hi again Jake!

While waiting for our main meal, Jake’s dad served us something called Tapoki. I thought it was pasta until I bit into it…

… And was surprised that it wasn’t hollow! It’s rice cakes shaped like sticks and slathered with pepper sauce pala. Spicy and very filling! It’s a meal on its own already.

Alas, for our actual meal I didn’t even get to take a decent photo (was I that hungry?) We both had the Grilled Chicken Bulgalbi set. This was win for me. It looks like typical charcoal-cooked chicken, but the preparation (Korean spices, they boast) gave it extra flavor.  The serving was pretty hefty too. This is definitely a place to go to if you want to be busog!

BBQ Chicken is at Unit A 2/F Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center Pasig City (in front of UA&P). Thank you Jake (and Jake’s Dad!) for the awesome meal!

As for my (boring) outfit snaps, I’ll have a separate post next! 🙂 (What? you weren’t waiting for it? Oh… anyway.)

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