Black and Yellow

By sheer Providence I get to go out even though I’m really broke as of the moment. 🙂 I can’t wait for the long weekend already! Yesterday, we watched    a musical in Meralco theater (my org mate had some tickets to give away). It’s about Cory (because it was Ninoy’s death anniversary last night). We’re not die hard fans, but it was surprisingly moving to watch vignettes of our past president’s life. We enjoyed the comical tone of the play. The House / organizing particulars, not too much. Nitpicking because we learned how to do House Comm the right way in college! 🙂
I wore exactly the same thing I wore the last night I was in Meralco Theater. Haha!
Me: “I’ll just do a test shot to check the light.”
Him: *strikes a stance*
Me: *surprised and pleased and immediately decides to post on blog w/o telling him* LOL

Isay Alvarez as Cory was brilliant (and it’s freaky how much she looked like Cory on stage!) Other notable cast members were Robert Sena, Sherwin Sozon, and Pinky Marquez. 
And finally, a little clip I shot of Meralco’s facade. Trippy.

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