Risque Saturday | IIVs Break Night at Fever

Yesterday, Ranie and I dropped by the Intramuros Intervarsities in Letran, where our college org was competing (as of today our breaking team’s standing is pretty good! woot). Oo, I was a debater in college! Haha. It’s a culture for alumni to come back for competitions and the like. Ask other debaters you know: mahirap i-let go ang debate for some reason.
Ranie’s inaanak Steffi!

Actually, we had a totally different agenda for the day (something to do w/ Intramuros’ beautiful old streets), but it was raining really hard (*sad*), so we stayed indoors and watched the last rounds instead (but we’ll come back within the next weeks!). Anyway, it turned out to be providential, because we crashed the Break Night party (i.e. where the finalists get announced)! Again, another alumni tradition. I’m the farthest thing possible from a party girl so break nights are how I usually get introduced to nice night-out places. Haha!

Me, my lone inaanak Val, and Jestine
What I wore. I was in my trusty strapped flip-flops and just changed into heels for the night. Siyempre ang dugyot ko! Kung ano suot ko the whole day, yun na pang-gabi! Haha! (speaking of, I left those slippers in the lounge/the cab/I’m not sure. Wah!)
It was in Fever Luxe Lounge @ the Sofitel Plaza 🙂 I loved the interiors of the place (you can click on the last photo for my “interior” shots!)
Strategic arms and angles because my loose dress emphasized my midsection. Hahahaha!
Ranie pointed out that we were wearing our “gift” shoes to each other! Naks.
And that’s it! You can click on the last photo tile to see some more shots closer! It was a nice break from my rather steady state these days 🙂 I hope I can get to go out more like this.

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