Wanna Be Like Midas

Welcome to Farmville! (kidding. that’s the calamansi tree in our backyard. New photo spot @ home! commune with nature ang drama. hehe)


When I’m at home, I blog boring-ly. When something blog-worthy happens, I have no photos or time. Sad tragedy of my life. Must remedy that soon. Anyway… recent shots of a very old outfit!

Maxi skirts – some last odes before we say goodbye to summer and to easy breeziness. Or maybe not, if we can wear them with boots and some hardware. Have also previously worn this with loose tanks and flipflops. Pleased that it works both ways.

I was very happy to find that we had no shortage of long, genuine lola (because they’re from my Lola!) skirts here at home – I did name this blog Sentimental Style because almost everything I wear was either thrifted or came from my mom, aunts, or grandma. This is my favorite. It’s made of heavy flannel and swishes considerably when you take decidedly stompy steps. And it’s red. It DOES look very quaint up close. I’m all for the tindera/palengkera feel, yesyes.

Semi-sheer black shirt: Eastwood
Red Skirt: vintage
Boots: Forever 21

ALSO! I joined Aisa’s giveaway (because we gotta stretch that dollar bill ala Natalia Kills haha). And because I ❤ her blog. 🙂 Join it HERE too!

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