The number of my blog posts increase exponentially with the number of days I stay in at home. I’m in a “transition” period right now, easing from working 10-14 hours a day to writing and attending to emails at home. Despite my body’s utter relief with my extended sleep hours, my mind is taking longer to adjust to this new-old way of doing things (keenly reminiscent of 2009 right before I landed my first job). But I’m not whining – this is what I asked of Him, it has been given to me, and it is all in line with the other things I intend to do for 2011. So I cannot be more thankful. I’m dead intent on making this period as productive and fruitful as possible 🙂
Admittedly, of course, it DOES feel kind of antsy after a while, so I’m taking a break by posting photos of outfits which I haven’t posted here! I abandoned this blog for a couple of months because… basta, ang drama ko lang last summer! Haha But I’m easing back into a better and more determined mood now. Doing this for the heck of doing it, and sheer who-knows-right.

Manila’s proverbial fall, i.e. the “ber” months are right around the corner. Black resurrections all over the place! Of course when I wore this I had a coat on (it was just really hot in our backyard).
Thrifted black dress/top
Forever 21 boots
Please leave comments! 🙂 Thanks!

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