Glam Camp 2011

Sharing some photos from Glam Camp, which happened last August 6-7 at the Alphaland Tents in Makati. It was two days of fun fashion and beauty finds. I took some photos for our website, and I was happy to spot some bloggers whom I follow.

Melai of Style and Soul beside her booth… (I think she was confused when I called her by name. Haha, feeling close ako! ^_^)

The pretty twins Danah and Stacy of The Plump Pinay. They sold some pre-loved clothes and really cool accessories!

Dewi Valientes and Ava Te. Ava had a whole table of sweet goodies for sale!

The Fashionista Commuter Ana Gonzales (her pants actually have a funky print which my camera didn’t quite capture. I’m still learning to use its proper settings!).

Lissa Kahayon in a stall that she shares with a pal

my “look:” animal print on print!

And then me! JK haha. If I wasn’t on a budget I would’ve come home broke… there was so much good stuff. I wish I could’ve come during the second day too (more people!) but it was my friend’s Mom’s birthday and I couldn’t miss that.
So I think it’s official that I’m re-launching this blog. Mostly for work purposes, but also because I think I was just waiting to get my mojo / juju back. While I re-align my priorities and put effort to where I really want to be. A long way from that proverbial finish line, but I’m in a good mood these days so I’ll coast on that. I really am just so thankful that I have the kindest and most understanding big bosses, so everything fell into place. Most thankful of course to Him up there! Tomorrow is a Monday… will probably be writing the whole day (I actually have a lot of assignments this month!) I hope I get my paycheck, too! Hehe.

One thought on “Glam Camp 2011

  1. Hi! Yes for a moment I was confused. Sooory. You look soooo familiar and yet I forgot at a moment kung anong blog. Waaaah soorrry. But super thanks for having us and for dropping by my booth 🙂

    Sorry again! Nahihiya kasi ako tanungin kung ano ulit yung blog mo kasi nakalimutan ko. Hindi ka feeling close noh, ano beh! okay lang! 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul



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