This is me taking a break from writing and stressing over the applications that I’ll be passing tomorrow. Thank You Lord! This is it, is it? 🙂

And I guess vanity / creative sidetracking is inevitable, because I really AM online all day. This is something akin to making up for lost time… Haha. But writing, being a homebody… that’s what this new way of things calls for… at least for now. 🙂 I think I really like it. So ‘scuse the gratuitousness for now, don’t worry eventually I’ll move on to other things as I usually do.

Other things: today I picked up a book about Indian matchbox art (?!), and actually drafted a schedule for his remaining weekends. Which he actually acceded to. Is that weird? Maybe he was just humoring me. 🙂 In spite of myself, it’s hard to shake off hardwired habits like setting timetables.


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