Bus tickets from my elbi trip two weeks ago.

In my hurry to catch the Sta. Rosa bus that morning, I forgot to get extra cash for my fare. I was about 11 pesos short and the bus was already starting to speed up towards EDSA. I whispered to the conductor my predicament, and braced myself to get down in the middle of the highway and walk until I chance upon an ATM.

I thought I was in for a bad morning. Instead, the conductor told me, “sige, gagawan natin ng paraan yan. (let’s do something about that)” He proceeded to issue me a ticket only when we were in Buendia, so that I only had to pay for what I had on my wallet.

I could dismiss this as some random nice thing that happened to me, but I really feel that it’s part of a bigger set of nice things happening to me lately, which are NOT random at all.

I mean, ever since I made my decision, and offered it up to God 100%, and promised Him that I’d be doing it for him, I really felt this huge weight being lifted off from my shoulders. It’s not like everything is just falling to my lap… but it’s just that, whenever I feel afraid about something, I get a little sign or event that convinces me that all this is meant to happen. The things which I fear are just fading, or turning into blessings beyond what I had been anticipating.

Somehow, it’s little “incidents” like these that make me feel and appreciate God’s strong presence. Whenever we feel down, He gives us signs to remind us that we don’t have to worry – He is in charge, he’ll take care of us. We just have to pay attention. He truly can get us out of any f*ck up, big or small just as long as we stand by Him and believe that He can. 🙂 Praise!

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