El Laberinto De La Verdad

Ok, this is verrrry sentimental! 🙂
When I was in collage, my “toka” in my production classes was “costume designer.” I would look for pegs, draw up sketches and studies, and source material (in Divisoria, Ilaya, and local markets in Los Banos). Then since I knew nil about sewing, I befriended Aling Tasha, who would help me finish everything. I (and sometimes my co-costumers) would take care of finishing up the details, adding hardware, and so on.
Here are some photos of El Laberinto De Verdad, a speculative-themed play written by Ma’am Lallie Bucoy and directed by Sir Elmer Rufo. This was the second play I did costumes for in college.

Hari at Pangalawang Tagapamuno
Ang mga (cute na) cannibal
Kakainin na ang anak
Curtain call
Dane and Jinee a.k.a. Justice League
Prod staff at cast (I’m there in the rightmost, bottom row!)

My favorite was Sir Rufo’s train-cum-spine (our peg for him was a King Cobra of sorts, as he was the “leader”). Least favorite (just because of the painstaking sewing!) were the cannibals’ armor (but I loved how shining shimmering they were).
I’m still hunting for Rashomon photos through people’s multiply accounts. Jinee uploaded these in her Facebook account… I hope the Rashomon pictures turn up too!
I stiiilll miss theater, college, and the whole experience! I’m looking forward to having more free time to be part of a production again. 😀

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